$5800 for the Layla Grace Foundation!

April 25, 2012

2012 Hope Calendar Raised $5800 for the Layla Grace Foundation!
This brings total donations to $33,000 for the Hope Calendar project!

Many thanks to the efforts and generosity of our calendar moms and sponsors and the supporters!

The Hope Calendar is a community project, as its success is based largely on the efforts of volunteers and generous business sponsors who donate time and funds for the love of charity and children.

While being fun, I hope the calendar also inspired HOPE and giving from the heart to charities benefitting children.

I urge you to spread the word about the Hope Calendar raising $5800 and your involvement!
{because psssstttt the applications for the 2013 calendar will be open soon :) at www.hopecalendar.com And every time someone new hears about the project it gets a little more successful! AND I’d love for you and/or your friends to participate! }

**I am taking nominations for next year’s charity to benefit from the Hope Calendar – please email for details  debi @ lifesimages.com**

To learn more about the Hope Calendar and to apply to have your children be photographed for the 2013 calendar, visit www.hopecalendar.com (applications will be open around middle May)